ᕙ( PEOPLE )ᕗ 

We are two sisters who found strength in family bonds 
 and a way to balance our different areas of expertise to 
 bring success to our company. 

ᕙ(◜▿‾ ( ´▿` )ᕗ 

The main strength of our partnership is that we are sisters. Though getting along with your siblings is sometimes a challenge, they can also be your biggest supporters, especially in business. 

Armed with distinct talents and skills to handle different situations, we support and complement each other. As entrepreneurs in business together, we have the foundation of trust, respect and communication, which translates our business into a resilient model. 

Together, we have more than 40 years in the area of event planning, marketing and public relations. We keep our team tight to be responsive and believe in being proactive, professional and personal.

Banner art by Fernanda Acosta